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Standing Strong For Kelowna Women’s Shelter

Callahan Property Group employees came together and raised over $1,450 in support of Kelowna Women’s Shelter. This essential organization provides critical assistance to women and children in our community who are facing domestic abuse.

The Kelowna Women’s Shelter stands as a beacon of hope and its mission is to supply women and children with everything they need to break free from the cycle of abuse. The provided support ranges from a 24/7 helpline to emergency & transitional housing, as well as outreach and support, second-stage housing and children programs. Their assistance is personalized to address the unique needs of each individual, ensuring that they receive the exact support they require to reclaim their lives and rebuild their future.

If you know someone facing abuse, the guidance we’ve received from the Shelter is clear: listen, believe, and ask how they would like you to support them. The Kelowna Women’s Shelter stands ready to assist them around the clock, 24/7, providing a safe haven for those in need.

To learn more about their programs, visit kelownawomensshelter.com.