B&N Delivery: NOW OPEN

Carr Coverage

NOW OPEN! Callahan Property Group is excited to welcome B&N Delivery to their new home on Norris Road South and Old Vernon Road in Kelowna, BC.


The Carr Group of Companies, including B&N Delivery, CDS and NuVision offer a wide range of home delivery and warehousing services.

Home Delivery: We serve a wide range of retailers and manufacturers including consumer electronics, appliance, and furniture companies throughout Canada. The transportation experience we’ve amassed over the years has provided insight when developing, implementing and executing simple to complex home delivery programs.

Warehousing: We offer partners a wide range of warehousing services using top of the line technology to manage and monitor inventory. We provide all your warehousing, storage, and distribution needs. Our comprehensive storage procedure confirms quantity of goods, the condition of crating, boxing, and/or wrapping. The procedure includes verification of shortages, overages and any other exceptions and a prompt notification system to keep customers updated on any applicable issues.

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