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3-year commitment to powering Central Okanagan Food Bank’s Food Rescue program


In a heartfelt commitment to combat food insecurity and reduce wastage, Bruce & Bob Callahan of Callahan Property Group proudly announces its support for the Central Okanagan Food Bank (COFB) by sponsoring the organization’s fuel costs over the next three years, with a total contribution of $100,000.

The significance of this sponsorship extends far beyond financial assistance; it fuels the engine of compassion and sustains the lifeline of hope for countless individuals and families in our community. With Callahan’s support, COFB can continue its vital food rescue efforts, which constitute approximately 60% of the nourishment provided through the nutritional hamper program.

“The food bank tackles situational food insecurity at all demographic levels — from new mothers to children to seniors who are struggling with hunger and faced with a lack of resources to nourish their bodies,” remarks Marnie Sisson, at Callahan Property Group. “Our city’s population is growing, and as a business community, we must offer our support in whatever capacity we can.”

At the heart of Bruce and Bob’s commitment lies a deep resonance with COFB’s food rescue program, which ingeniously redirects surplus perishable food away from landfills and transforms it into nutritious meals for those facing food insecurity. Established in 2018, this initiative has been instrumental in addressing the environmental, social, and economic challenges of food waste.

This program operates tirelessly, 364 days a year, forging partnerships with 18 local retail grocery partners and farmers to salvage all perishable food, regardless of viability. Edible foods find their way to individuals, families, and community agencies, while inedible items are repurposed for animal feed or composted.

Through this alliance, Callahan Property Group and COFB stand united in their mission to nourish both bodies and spirits, turning the tide against hunger and waste. Together, they embody the transformative power of collective action and the unwavering commitment to building a community where no one is left behind.