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Water leaks

Water leaks can cause significant damage and cost hundreds of dollars to the building.

Plumbing issues such as dripping taps or running toilets should always be reported to the Resident Manager no matter how small of an issue. We want to ensure they are repaired in a timely manner to mitigate costly water bills and waste. Please fill out a maintenance request in the Tenant Request section below.

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Your Resident Manager will respond to your request during regular business hours. Not seeing your request form? Please send us an email at grosvenor@callahanpg.ca.

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On-site Resident Manager
Jagoda & Slavko Ubiparipovic
e. grosvenor@callahanpg.ca
t. 250.762.0571
After Hour Emergency Number: 250.717.3000

Erin Ashcroft
e. erinashcroft@callahanpg.ca
t. 250.717.3000

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