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Callahan Property Group Enhances Central Okanagan Search and Rescue’s Medical Expertise

At Callahan Property Group, we are dedicated to supporting our community and those who work tirelessly to keep us safe, that is why we are thrilled to announce our 3-year pledge to further advance the efforts of the Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR). This collaboration aims to enhance their medical expertise as they respond to an increasing number of emergency calls in the region.

Financial Support: A Pledge for Progress

In our mission to bolster COSAR’s capabilities, we have pledged $75,000 over the next three years, with an initial contribution of $25,000. This significant financial support is crucial for several key areas:

  • Advanced Medical Training: Ensuring that COSAR volunteers have access to the latest medical training to handle emergencies efficiently and effectively.
  • Essential Medical Supplies: Providing the necessary medical supplies that are vital for on-the-spot care and treatment during rescue missions.
  • Vital Equipment: Equipping COSAR with equipment to enhance their operational efficiency and safety.

Leadership and Vision

Bruce Callahan from Callahan Property Group shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to support COSAR. As outdoor enthusiasts, we resonate deeply with their mission. Our backcountry is beautiful and vast, and we aim to keep it safe and accessible. Knowing that COSAR is ready to assist when needed is reassuring.”

Bruce’s words echo the sentiment of many who enjoy the natural beauty of the Okanagan region. The collaboration with COSAR is not just about financial support; it’s about a shared vision of a safer and more accessible backcountry for everyone.

Community Impact

Brad Trites, president of COSAR, emphasized the importance of community support, saying, “With the unwavering support of partners like Callahan Property Group, we are better equipped than ever to fulfill our mission of serving the community in times of need.”

The impact of this partnership extends beyond financial contributions. It’s about building strong relationships within our community and ensuring that COSAR can continue to provide their invaluable services.

Join Us in Support

We invite you to join us in supporting COSAR and their vital mission. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Visit COSAR: Learn more about their work and mission by visiting their website at cosar.ca.
  • Contribute: Discover opportunities to support COSAR’s efforts in keeping our community safe.

At Callahan Property Group, we believe in being an active part of the community. The pledge to COSAR is a testament to our commitment to give back to our community in a meaningful way.